Various Artists - Late Night Tales: Nils Frahm - Vinyl LP Record - Bondi Records

Various Artists - Late Night Tales: Nils Frahm - Vinyl LP Record

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Composer, musician and producer Nils Frahm steers this edition of 'Late Night Tales'. A hypnotic voyage through modern and classical composition, experimental electronics, jazz, dub techno, soundtracks and soul; Frahm's 'Late Night Tales' haunts and beguiles. It's not mixing, so much as gently layering, like a particularly fluffy goose-down duvet folding in on itself, the folds part of the attraction, the layers part of the overall picture being painted. Many of the tracks have been edited, effected and re-made. The subtly overdubbed parts on Rhythm & Sound's 'Mango Drive' adding to the haunting hypnosis, while choral interruptions aid Miles Davis' 'Générique' on its journey towards the light. Meanwhile, on Boards of Canada's 'In a Beautiful Place Out in the Country', the tempo is somewhat sluggish, the organs slurred, as Frahm slows it down to a funereal 33rpm that nevertheless fits perfectly.

Track list:

- Disc 1 -
1 Nils Frahm - 4:33
2 The Baka Forest People of South - East Cameroon
3 Carl Oesterhelt / Johannes Enders - Divertimento Fur Tenorsaxophon Und Kleins Part 4
4 Four Tet - 0181 (Excerpt)
5 Boards of Canada - in a Beautiful Lace Out in the Country
6 Bibio - It Was Willow

- Disc 2 -
1 Dictaphone - Peaks
2 System - SK20
3 Rhythm & Sound - Mango Drive

- Disc 3 -
1 Victor Silvester - It's the Talk of the Town (Nils Frahm's '78' Recording)
2 Miles Davis - Générique
3 Colin Stetson - the Righteous Wrath of An Honorable Man
4 Penguin Café Orchestra - Cutting Branches for a Temporary Shelter
5 Nina Simone - Who Knows Where the Time Goes
6 Gene Autry - You're the Only Star (Nils Frahm's '78' Recording)

- Disc 4 -
1 Dinu Lipatti - O Herr Bleibet Meine Freunde, BMV 147
2 Nina Jurisch - Cleo the Cat
3 Dub Tractor - Cirkel
4 The Gentlemen Losers - Honey Bunch
5 Nils Frahm - Them (Solo Piano Edit)
6 Cillian Murphy - in the Morning (Exclusive Spoken Word)