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Paul Kalkbrenner - Icke Wieder - Vinyl LP Record

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Vinyl edition of the original album by German electronic artist Paul Kalkbrenner, published in 2011.

Exactly ten years after his debut album, Paul Kalkbrenner, as one of the most successful German producers of electronic music, delivers his fifth studio album. After the success of the "Berlin Calling" soundtrack from 2008, which is about to go platinum with well over 170,000 units sold in Germany and an incredible number of live concerts worldwide, it is now time to open another chapter: "Icke Wieder ".

With the album "Icke Wieder", Paul Kalkbrenner once again delivers a masterpiece of electronic music. On the 10 titles with a total playing time of 60 minutes, he shows a variety of moods and characteristics of his almost classic sound.

Paul Kalkbrenner shows that his success with fans as an artist and producer is unparalleled. He skilfully avoids all too commercial expectations and goes with the 10 purely instrumental, but catchy titles, rather back-to-the-roots without sounding old-fashioned.

Paul Kalkbrenner is back without ever being gone.

Track list:

1- Böxig leise
2- Gutes Nitzwerk
3- Jestrüpp
4- Schnakeln
5- Kleines Bubu
1- Des Stabes Reuse
2- Sagte der Bär
3- Kruppzeug
4- Schmökelung
5- Der Breuzen