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Oliver Tree - Alone In A Crowd - Vinyl LP Record

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Oliver Tree - Alone In A Crowd (Splatter Vinyl)

The Californian singer, producer, author, director and performance artist is more than busy. After his album "Cowboy Tears" was released at the beginning of last year, the singer is now following up with his new album. "Alone In A Crowd".

Over the past ten years, Oliver Tree has developed into a universal genius in the music world, operating at the interface between indie pop, hip hop and dance. This is also shown by the recently released singles "Voices" together with KSI or "Here We Go Again" with DJ legend David Guetta."

Track list:

One & Only
Essence (feat. Super Computer)
Fairweather Friends
Ugly Side
Highlight of My Life
The First Night
Invisible Man
Elevator to the Sky
With You
Miss You (Bonus Track) with Robin Schulz