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Mac Miller - Go:Od Am - Vinyl LP Record

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Mac Miller's "Go:Od Am" is an introspective and highly acclaimed hip-hop album that showcases the late artist's growth and versatility. Released in 2015, it marks a significant turning point in Mac Miller's career, combining introspective lyrics with infectious beats and captivating melodies. The album explores themes of self-reflection, addiction, and personal transformation, delivering a captivating journey from start to finish.

Track List:

  1. Doors
  2. Brand Name
  3. Rush Hour
  4. Two Matches
  5. 100 Grandkids
  6. Time Flies
  7. Weekend
  8. Clubhouse
  9. In the Bag
  10. Break the Law
  11. Perfect Circle / God Speed
  12. When in Rome
  13. ROS
  14. Cut the Check
  15. Jump
  16. The Festival