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Laufey - Everything I Know About Love - Vinyl LP Record

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Delivering on the promise of her debut EP, Icelandic-Chinese singer/songwriter Laufey unveils a lush, jazz-pop vocal vision on her first full-length, Everything I Know About Love. A coming-of-age snapshot from an artist in her early twenties, the effort brims with the hopeless romanticism and possibilities of young love and new experiences.

With storytelling snippets enveloping listeners like a short film, she pines for a 'Beautiful Stranger' atop a swirl of twinkling piano and ethereal contemporary production, later penning a lovelorn letter to her 'Dear Soulmate' atop soothing strings and a swelling orchestral cloud.

That tenderness comforts throughout, whether on the delicate piano-lounge number 'What Love Will Do to You' or the gorgeous 'I've Never Been in Love Before,' a lush time warp to the Technicolor golden age musicals of the mid-20th century.

She gives nods to her major inspirations on the horn-backed 'Just Like Chet,' later channeling Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong on the lively 'Dance with You Tonight,' a subtle moment that echoes 'Dream a Little Dream of Me.' She also injects some bossa nova flair on 'Falling Behind.'

Album-opener and highlight 'Fragile' is the best example of what Laufey is attempting with her modernization of classic, nostalgic sounds, its lush vocals, sweeping strings, and delicate piano sounding like Bjork's Vespertine woven with Billie Eilish's Happier Than Ever.

Everything I Know About Love is a strong first showing from Laufey, an effortless blend of old and new that manages to both comfort with familiarity and excite with possibility.

Track list:

Beautiful Stranger
Above the Chinese Restaurant
Dear Soulmate
What Love Will Do to You
6 I've Never Been in Love Before
Just Like Chet
Everything I Know About Love
Falling Behind
Dance with You Tonight
Night Light