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James Blake - James Blake - Vinyl LP Record - Bondi Records

James Blake - James Blake - Vinyl LP Record

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Part grime, part electronica, part sound-scape, part emo-dub, part gospel, but altogether spine-tingling James Blake is creating some of the most breathtakingly original music you'll hear in 2011, He has already made a name for himself as a blindingly innovative international DJ with a number of underground releases on the indie label R&S, The track CMYK and the Klavierwerke EP both on Belgian label R&S have both recently earned him worldwide acclaim, Now with A&M (Atlas), James' work remains leftfield with a more soulful edge to his dub-step roots - and the results are stunning.

Track List:

1 Unluck
2 The Wilhelm Scream
3 I Never Learnt to Share
4 Lindisfarne I
5 Lindisfarne II
6 Limit to Your Love
7 Give Me My Month
8 To Care (Like You)
9 Why Don't You Call Me?
10 I Mind
11 Measurements