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Genesis Owusu - Struggler - Indie Exclusive Clear Vinyl LP Record

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Genesis Owusu returns with the highly anticipated sophomore album, STRUGGLER. On the back of the critically acclaimed debut album, Smiling with No Teeth, that put Genesis Owusu on the global map, a new chapter begins on May 18 with the lead single Leaving the Light. A fervent anthem about survival and perseverance, Leaving the Light, sets an urgent tone for the new album. STRUGGLER explores the chaos and absurdity of life, and our ability to endure.

"The struggler runs through an absurd world with no “where” or “why” at hand. Just an instinctual inner rhythm, yelling at them to survive the pestilence and lighting bolts coming from above. A roach just keeps roachin" - Genesis Owusu"

Track list:

Leaving The Light
The Roach
The Old Man
See Ya There
Freak Boy
Tied Up!
That's Life (A Swamp)
Stay Blessed
What Comes Will Come
Stuck To The Fan
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