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Deftones - White Pony - Vinyl LP Record

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The Deftones kicked off the new millennium with their third album, White Pony. Fueled by drugs and internal friction, and bristling against nu metal, Deftones served up a 21st century masterpiece. It was an evolution of their sound, an anomaly in the metal scene, and confusing for their fanbase. No one had seen it coming. Fans of the band's earlier, harder albums will still find some satisfaction in these developments. The album is diverse, dynamic, and heady, White Pony will take fan on a wondrous ride

White Pony features the singles "Change (In the House of Flies)" and "Back to School (Mini Maggit)".

10th Anniversary Edition. Heavyweight double vinyl produced by Maverick Records in 2010.

Track list:

LP 1
Digital bath
RX Queen
Street carp

LP 2
Knife prty
Change (In the house of flies)
Pink maggit