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Blur - The Great Escape - Vinyl LP Record

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The fourth studio album by the English rock band, originally released in September 1995. 'The Great Escape' is often considered to be the final album of a trio of Britpop albums released by Blur in the mid-1990s, after 'Modern Life Is Rubbish' (1993) and 'Parklife' (1994). With Blur's 1997 self-titled album, the band would change direction and move away from Britpop in favour of a more lo-fi and alternative rock sound. Features the singles: 'Country House', 'The Universal', 'Stereotypes', 'Charmless Man' and 'It Could Be You'.

Track list:

Country House
Best Days
Charmless Man
Fade Away
Top Man
The Universal
Mr. Robinson's Quango
He Thought of Cars
It Could Be You
Ernold Same
Globe Alone
Dan Abnormal
Entertain Me
Yuko & Hiro