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Mitski - Vinyl LP Record Bundle

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Experience Mitski's powerful indie rock narratives with her emotionally charged vinyl LP bundle. This collection showcases her profound storytelling, raw emotion, and innovative sound, offering an intense and captivating listening experience through five of her most acclaimed albums.

Bundle Includes:

Be The Cowboy

Immerse yourself in the dynamic and multifaceted sounds of "Be The Cowboy." Featuring standout tracks like "Nobody," "Geyser," and "Washing Machine Heart," this album explores themes of longing and identity with striking vulnerability. The vinyl edition enhances the album's lush production and Mitski's evocative vocals, making it an essential addition to any collection.

Bury Me At Makeout Creek

Dive into the raw and unfiltered energy of "Bury Me At Makeout Creek." With powerful songs like "Townie," "First Love / Late Spring," and "I Don’t Smoke," this record captures Mitski’s early exploration of intense emotions and indie rock aesthetics. The vinyl format brings out the gritty and heartfelt soundscapes, offering a deeply personal listening experience.

Laurel Hell

Experience the introspective and synth-driven "Laurel Hell." This album features tracks like "Working for the Knife," "The Only Heartbreaker," and "Heat Lightning," blending electronic elements with Mitski's signature lyrical depth. The vinyl edition enhances the atmospheric production and emotional resonance, making it a standout piece in her discography.

Puberty 2 - White Vinyl LP Record

Discover the haunting and intense "Puberty 2" on white vinyl. This album delves into themes of identity, depression, and love, with tracks like "Your Best American Girl," "Happy," and "Fireworks." The white vinyl edition adds a unique touch, highlighting the album’s stark emotional contrasts and Mitski's raw vocal delivery.

The Land Is Inhospitable and So Are We

Explore the evocative and cinematic "The Land Is Inhospitable and So Are We." This album showcases Mitski's storytelling prowess with tracks like "A Pearl," "Two Slow Dancers," and "Blue Light." The vinyl format captures the album's expansive soundscapes and Mitski's haunting voice, providing a powerful and immersive experience.

Whether you’re a longtime fan or new to her music, the Mitski Vinyl LP Record Bundle provides an intense and emotionally charged journey through the compelling world of one of indie rock’s most powerful voices.