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Lana Del Rey - Vinyl LP Record Bundle

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Delve into Lana Del Rey's cinematic and melancholic music with this vinyl LP bundle. This collection showcases the haunting beauty and evocative storytelling that define Lana Del Rey's artistry, offering a mesmerizing listening experience through five of her most iconic albums.

Bundle Includes:

Born To Die

Discover the album that catapulted Lana Del Rey to stardom, "Born To Die." Featuring timeless tracks like "Video Games," "Blue Jeans," and the title track "Born To Die," this record blends lush orchestration with Del Rey's haunting vocals and introspective lyrics. The vinyl edition enhances the album's rich, cinematic soundscapes, making it an essential addition to any collection.

Chemtrails Over The Country Club

Immerse yourself in the dreamy and introspective world of "Chemtrails Over The Country Club." This album features tracks like "White Dress," "Let Me Love You Like a Woman," and the title track "Chemtrails Over The Country Club," showcasing Del Rey's lyrical depth and ethereal melodies. The vinyl format brings out the nuanced production and nostalgic feel of this enchanting record.

Did You Know That There's A Tunnel Under Ocean Blvd

Explore the latest chapter in Lana Del Rey's musical journey with "Did You Know That There's A Tunnel Under Ocean Blvd." This album delves into themes of love, loss, and introspection, with standout tracks like the title track, "A&W," and "The Grants." The vinyl edition captures the album's haunting beauty and emotional resonance, offering a profound listening experience.

Norman Fucking Rockwell! (NFR!)

Experience the critically acclaimed "Norman Fucking Rockwell!," a record that showcases Del Rey's evolution as a songwriter and storyteller. Featuring songs like "Mariners Apartment Complex," "Venice Bitch," and "Doin' Time," this album blends rock, pop, and folk influences with Del Rey's signature melancholic style. The vinyl format highlights the album's lush arrangements and poetic lyrics, making it a standout piece in her discography.


Revisit the dark and brooding sounds of "Ultraviolence," an album that explores themes of love, heartbreak, and rebellion. With tracks like "West Coast," "Shades of Cool," and the title track "Ultraviolence," this record is a testament to Del Rey's ability to craft evocative and cinematic music. The vinyl edition enhances the album's raw, gritty production and Del Rey's sultry vocals.

Whether you're a dedicated fan or new to her music, the Lana Del Rey Vinyl LP Record Bundle provides an enchanting journey through the cinematic and melancholic world of one of contemporary music's most captivating artists.