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Childish Gambino - Vinyl LP Record Bundle

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Explore Childish Gambino's groundbreaking music with this dynamic collection of vinyl LPs. This bundle captures the eclectic artistry and genre-defying sounds of Donald Glover's musical alter ego, offering an immersive experience of his most influential works.

Bundle Includes:

Awaken, My Love!

Dive into the soulful and psychedelic world of "Awaken, My Love!" This album marks a departure from Gambino's earlier work, embracing funk and R&B influences with tracks like "Redbone" and "Me and Your Mama." The vinyl edition amplifies the rich, layered production and vibrant energy of this genre-bending masterpiece.

Because The Internet

Experience the innovative and introspective "Because The Internet." This album combines hip-hop, electronic, and experimental sounds, featuring hits like "3005" and "Sweatpants." The vinyl release enhances the album's intricate soundscapes and narrative depth, making it a standout in Gambino's discography.


Revisit the raw, confessional debut album "Camp." Known for its candid lyrics and diverse musical styles, this record showcases Gambino's unique voice and storytelling prowess. The vinyl format brings out the emotional intensity and bold production of tracks like "Bonfire" and "Heartbeat."


Transport yourself to the serene and tropical vibes of "Kauai." This EP offers a mellower side of Gambino, with smooth, laid-back tracks like "Sober" and "The Palisades." The vinyl edition captures the breezy, atmospheric feel of this project, making it a perfect addition to any collection.

Whether you're a long-time fan or new to his music, the Childish Gambino Vinyl LP Record Bundle is the perfect way to explore the innovative sounds of one of today's most multifaceted artists.