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Tkay Maidza - Sweet Justice - Transparent Red Vinyl LP Record

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Sweet Justice, the long-anticipated second album by Tkay Maidza, arrives with a message etched into its face: “I’m never choosing compliance.”

Uttered at the outset of ‘Ring-a-Ling’, the album’s fiery, bass-heavy lead single, that line is a mantra and warning from the Zimbabwean-born, Australian-raised, Los Angeles-based rapper, singer and producer. An artist who’s been releasing iconoclastic music since her teen years, on Sweet Justice Tkay comes fully into her power, leaving behind toxic people and situations – and the crippling self-doubt she contended with as a result – in her dust.

Bright, soulful and seductive, Sweet Justice shows off every facet of the irrepressible Tkay: her lacerating wit and infectiousness, her staunch self-belief and refusal to compromise. “It feels like, at some point, I became too serious. This album feels like a homecoming – a return to the energy I’ve always wanted to embody,” she says. “It’s warm, it’s fast, and if it’s sad, it still has a feeling of hope – I don’t feel defeated.”.

Transparent Red Vinyl (Exclusive to Australia & New Zealand)

Track list:

Love and Other Drugs
Out of Luck (feat. Lolo Zouai & Amber Mark)
What Ya Know
Won One
Love Again

Free Throws
Silent Assassin
Our Way
Gone to the West (feat. Duckwrth)
Walking on Air