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Devo - Freedom Of Choice - White Vinyl LP Record

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Dive into the iconic sounds of the 1980s with Devo's groundbreaking album, "Freedom of Choice," now available in a stunning white vinyl edition. This release is a must-have for both loyal fans and newcomers to the band's unique blend of post-punk, synth-pop, and new-wave sounds.

Featuring hits like "Whip It," "Girl U Want," and the title track "Freedom of Choice," this vinyl transports you to a time when Devo was reshaping the music landscape.

Released in 1980, "Freedom of Choice" marked a shift for Devo, embracing more synthesizers and electronic elements. Their commentary on societal issues, conformity, and consumer culture, paired with catchy hooks and rhythms, makes this album as relevant today as it was over four decades ago.

Whether you're a dedicated spudboy or just discovering the band, Experience the mastery and magic of Devo with "Freedom of Choice" on white vinyl. A blend of art, culture, and music, this is a piece of history you don't want to miss out on. Grab your copy and journey into the world of devolution!

Track list:

A1 Girl U Want
A2 It's Not Right
A3 Whip It
A4 Snowball
A5 Tono' Luv
A6 Freedom Of Choice

B1 Gates Of Steel
B2 Cold War
B3 Don't You Know
B4 That's Pep!
B5 Mr. B's Ballroom
B6 Planet Earth