Taylor Swift - The Tortured Poets Department - Delivery Updates

Taylor Swift - The Tortured Poets Department - Updates

👋🏼 04:00 pm - 29 April She's back!!!

At last! Our second batch of TTPD colour variants has landed, and we're quickly processing the orders! Thank you again for your patience—they're being shipped out now!

🇦🇺 10:00 am - 26 April – G'Day, Sydney!

Great news! Our Taylor inventory has arrived in Sydney and has smoothly cleared customs! We're eagerly anticipating its arrival and are looking forward to shipping it to you very soon. Thank you for your patience as we work hard to deliver you these incredible albums!

🌺 09:30 am - 25 April – Aloha, Hawaii!

The stock is on the last leg from Honolulu to Sydney! Follow its progress here!

🚚💨 08:00 pm - 24 April – On the move!

Exciting update: The rest of our inventory is en route from the US! We've got plenty of stock to cover all orders and we'll ship your package as soon as it arrives!

📮 09:30 am - 24 April – Off to the Post Office

We've just delivered our initial batch of the other variants to the Post Office! Well done to those who got in quick!

💿 6:00 pm - 23 April – 1st batch of other versions have arrived!

Happy days! We've just received our first shipment of Ink Black, Smoke Grey, and Parchment Beige! We're dispatching these to our earliest customers. If you're still awaiting your order, rest assured that we have ample stock, and your items are currently en route from the US!

📦 1:30 am - 23 April – All packed

Great news for those who pre-ordered the Ghost White version! We've just finished packing your orders, and we'll be taking them to the Post Office first thing. Not long now!

ℹ️ 5:30 pm - 22 April – Ghosted White variant now in store

We have received our initial allocation of Ghosted White and all pre-orders will be fulfilled, ready to be sent to the Post Office first thing in the morning.

🚨 12:00 pm - 19 April – New variants available to order

Eeeekkkkk! In addition to the Ghosted White version, we will also have the Ink Black, Smoke Grey and Parchment Beige variants landing in store next week. Stock is expected land from Wednesday 22 April. Be sure to order your copies here!